At my studio, every student receives individualized instruction tailored to their unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. With a friendly teaching approach, I aim to merge the rigorous technical training from my classical background with a modernized method. My goal is to cultivate well-rounded musicians who not only master their instrument but also develop their own voice through a deep understanding and connection to the music they create.

I've had the pleasure of being Adam's adult piano student for over two years now, studying both classical and jazz piano under his guidance. Meeting Adam has truly been a gift; he's not only an exceptional musician but also a dedicated and skilled teacher. Having experienced many piano instructors in the past, I can confidently assert that Adam surpasses them all in effectiveness, thoughtfulness, and depth of knowledge.

As a highly accomplished and educated musician himself, Adam sets rigorous standards and goals for his students. Our lessons are immersive, delving deep into both technical skills and repertoire. While piano performance remains our primary focus, Adam ensures a well-rounded education by also incorporating theory, rhythm, aural skills, and improvisation.
Adam's teaching approach is hands-on; he adeptly identifies my weaknesses and collaborates closely with me to strengthen those areas, always ensuring that I can practice effectively on my own. One of Adam’s unique qualities as a teacher is his calm and reassuring demeanor; he consistently creates a comfortable environment and instills confidence, even when challenging me beyond my comfort zone.
Working with Adam has rekindled my motivation to pursue piano more seriously and has inspired me to strive for excellence as a musician. He has instilled in me hope and confidence that I can achieve my musical goals as an adult student, and for that, I am profoundly grateful to him.

Sue E.

My son had been playing piano for 5-6 years before switching to Adam. For context, my son played competitively and takes music very seriously, having won a number of competitions and practicing at least 90 minutes per day. We had come to Adam with a decent amount of pieces under my son's belt, but he was experiencing a few problems, including tension/pain in his hands and wrists, and tightness in his shoulders. He also had a very poor understanding of musical theory in comparison to the pieces he was playing and learned new pieces very slowly. He just started his 3rd year with Adam and I cannot say enough about the progress my son has made. He learns pieces quickly, his theory understanding has grown, and BEST OF ALL, all of the tension in his shoulders and hands are gone. I attribute this all to Adam’s coaching and knowledge as well as an evenhanded approach to teaching. My son understands what is expected of him each week, is not let off the hook easily if he doesn’t complete an assignment, but is generally treated with patience and positivity. He allows my rather ambitious son to set the pace, but I believe would be great for students needing a push as well. We are transitioning away from Classical a little bit as my son is older now and his interests are expanding. Adam has been helping him with Jazz - an entirely new beast which my son has fallen in love with. Adam’s understanding of both genres, as well as some pop and improv, are excellent. We had the privilege of attending a concert of Adam’s, also, and can tell you he is an excellent performer.
I cannot recommend Adam highly enough for everything from casual piano to advanced classical/jazz repertoire.

Tarah L.

Adam has been a wonderful piano teacher for my two sons, 10 and 13. He has been teaching them for the past 3 years. We enjoy his focus on the fundamentals, along with his passion for playing and finding artistry in music.

Kate R.

"Adam is a wonderful and thoughtful teacher. I am an older piano student with plenty of bad habits and have found Adam to be very responsive to my needs and able to communicate well. He listens to what I am looking for in my piano progression and always has great suggestions and some new fun ideas to stretch my abilities. He was able to adapt his teaching technique to continue my lessons over Zoom during the pandemic."

Claire D.

My son started taking lessons with Adam 2 years ago when we were at a crossroads with our former teacher. He needed better technique instruction and someone who could teach him how to become an all-around better player. Adam teaches you all of what we were seeking and will also teach you musicianship, or how to think in sound. He incorporates other lessons like ear training to help develop your understanding of music and piano playing. Learning to play the piano is so much more than hitting the right notes even if you're a young musician just starting out as learning music should be a full experience. My son is progressing very well with each lesson and he always looks forward to the next. Adam is an exceptional teacher and I highly recommend him!

Michi S.

I have been taking lessons from Adam for a couple years now and have grown so much while also having a great time. If you are looking to improve or learn about piano, making music, or other musical knowledge/guidance, he’s your guy.

Axel R.